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Small birds in a cage

Choosing Small Animal Cages & Bird Cages for Your Pets

Top Pets Hull, based in Hull, helps you invest in the right supplies and small animal pet essentials to ensure a happy and healthy life for your pets. Visit our shop today.

Small Animal Cages

Small animal pet essentials are items that you should have for the comfort and well-being of your pets. A suitable cage is the foundation of your pet’s living space and should be spacious, secure, and appropriately designed for your pet’s species. Provide your pet with soft and safe bedding materials, such as paper, wood shavings or hay, depending on the type of small animal you have.
Some small animals, such as hamsters and rabbits, benefit from exercise wheels or tunnels to stay active. When choosing small animal cages, essential factors to consider are:
Size and space – The cage should be spacious enough to allow your small pet to move around freely, exercise and engage in natural behaviours.
Material and construction – Look for cages made of durable and non-toxic materials. Wire cages with a plastic or metal baser are common choices. Ensure the wire spacing is appropriate to prevent your pet from escaping or getting stuck.
Ventilation – Proper airflow is crucial for your pet’s health. Ensure the cage provides adequate ventilation to prevent humidity build-up and maintain a comfortable environment.
Visit our pet shop to choose suitable small animal cages for your pets.

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Bird Cages

Choose cages for your birds that provide them with a comfortable and enriching environment that promotes their overall well-being. Remember to regularly inspect and maintain the bird cages to ensure a happy and healthy life for your beloved pets.
Things to consider when choosing a bird cage include:
Size and shape

Choose a bird cage that allows ample space for your feathered friend to move, stretch their wings and climb. The cage must be tall enough to accommodate perches at different heights.
Bar spacing

Consider the size of your bird and ensure that the bar spacing is appropriate to prevent your pet from getting stuck or injured between the bars.
Material and safety

Bird cages are often made of stainless steel, wrought iron, or powder-coated metal. Make sure the cage is non-toxic and safe for your bird to chew on.

Get in touch for more information about perches and accessories for your birds.

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We offer top-quality small animal and bird cages for your pets. Visit Top Pets Hull for a wide range of cages, pet accessories, pet foods and other products to create a nurturing environment where your pets can thrive. We serve customers in Hull and surrounding areas.

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