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Group of orange, yellow and white koi in a pond

Top Pets Hull Stock an Extensive Selection of Japanese Koi

Visit our pet shop in Hull for quality ornamental fish, originating from Japan. They have gained immense popularity worldwide for their vibrant colours, unique patterns, and graceful movements.

Japanese Koi Carp

This fish is in high demand and highly sought after. Japanese Koi Carp come in various quality grades and sizes, which means we can cater for a broad range of customers and different budgets. We provide a diverse selection of fish, offering valuable information and support about their care, maintenance, and proper environment. 
Japanese Koi fish are known for their stunning colours and striking patterns. Their vibrant colours, which can include shades of red, white, yellow, black, and blue, create a mesmerising spectacle in any pond or aquarium.
Visit our pet shop today if there is something specific that you are looking for.

Orange and silver Japanese carp fish swimming in a pond

Fish Tank for Japanese Koi

Keep in mind that keeping Japanese Koi in a fish tank may adversely affect their growth, but you can keep young Koi in tanks with the intension of moving them to larger ponds after a few months. Some essential factors to consider with a fish tank are:

 Opt for a spacious tank that allows the Koi to swim freely. A larger tank minimises stress and helps maintain water quality.

Choose a tank made of durable materials like glass or acrylic to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.

Invest in a high-quality filtration system to keep the water clean and clear. Japanese Koi fish produce a lot of waste, so a robust filtration system is crucial.

Get in touch with us for personalised advice, and to learn more about specific needs of Japanese Koi fish.

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Top Pets Hull, based in Hull, offers high-quality Japanese Koi Carp for sale. Contact us or visit our pet shop for more details.

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